Young Living Essential Oil Review


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I “met” an amazing woman online through the nutritionist we’re seeing for Jaxson. She’s been talking to me about her journey with Autism and how much her son has benefited from using these oils. At first I’m thinking, well.. that’s awesome that they worked for you… but come on… really? They’re just smelly things. How much can they REALLY help you. I was a skeptic for sure!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for trying new things to help with my kids! But these oils were just so foreign to me. I’ve heard of them before… I’ve thought about trying them… but I mean… how do you even use them?! Do you drink it? Is it like lotion you rub on your hands… I don’t know, it seemed a little weird to me.

So I was obviously happy for her and her family, and maybe someday I’ll have time to learn more about them.

Then one night, Jax and I had one of the worst nights we’ve had in a long while, when she sent me a message. NO strings attached, she just wanted to help a Mom in need and asked if she could send me something to help with sleep and something to help with my anxiety. I agreed and she sent me a “bedtime” mixture and one called Valor.

The Bedtime mixture didn’t really seem to help with Jaxson, but I… no joke… have been able to decrease the amount of melatonin I give Tyler and most nights don’t even give any to Justin. I just put this oil on the bottom of his feet and rub it in when I lay the boys down in their beds with their tablets. About half an hour before I want them to actually go to sleep. Both of the kids who HATE (with a PASSION) me cutting their toe nails giggle while I rub it into the bottom of their feet. 🙂 They’ll see me walk in their room with the little bottle and start grinning because they know what’s coming.

The first night that they did well with it, I’m like… no way. This is sooo not happening. lol Really? This stuff is actually working? But it did, and it still continues to work. My friend thinks Jax would probably benefit from just Lavander (rather than the mixture), so we’ll probably try that eventually. 🙂

I’ve been using the Valor.
To help with anxiety and stress… and later found out it also helps with my migraines, TMJ and will also help calm the boys. I use it when I’m overwhelmed, it’s like I can finally take a deep breath and the tension I had in my shoulders melt a bit. It’s crazy. I was in SERIOUS pain because of my jaw, I rubbed a drop behind my jaw/ears area and a few minutes later, I’m not in pain any more. Where I would have to wait for 30-45 minutes for the Tylenol and Naproxen to kick in! Again, I’m just like…. how did that even work?! lol I don’t get this stuff at all. It just makes no sense. It’s oils from plants/flowers/herbs, etc… and it’s fixing things. Totally mind blowing.

And I have SEVERE issues with oily or lotion-y things. I cannot stand it. But these “oils” absorb into your skin pretty quickly and then your skin is just soft. It doesn’t feel like there’s oil or lotion on your hands. (Thankfully… I might have gone crazy trying to use these things! lol)

I used Valor on Jaxson, my little busy body… (A little back story) As soon as he could roll over (about 3-4 months) he’s never wanted to sit with me any more. Not more than a minute or two… Unless I was feeding him a bottle, then when he could hold it himself, he REALLY wanted his own space.

So for at least the last year, Jax has only sat or laid with me (without interruption) for a few minutes max. And usually that was for however long I could get him to sit and play Patty Cakes with me.

I put the oil Valor on him… And about 5-10 minutes later he came over, crawled up on me and laid on me for a little over 15 minutes. I have not held Jax for that long, at one time, in over a year.

That alone has made me thankful for this product.

Then she asks me about some of my other issues. Like my thyroid issues, brain fog… and since Valor alone didn’t seem to help Tyler as well in school as we hoped, she said there was something she could send to help. I’m not great at letting people help me. Honestly, I prefer to be the one helping others. But I justificated that at least it’ll be a learning experience I’ll be able to share with you so you’ll know if these will help you or your family.

Again, just sending them because she’s a Special Needs Mom who gets it and wants to pay it forward. And man… am I thankful she did.

She sent me Clarity (for brain fog), Endo-Flex to help with my Hypothyroidism and Vetiver to help with Tyler. Again… totally skeptical. lol I’m like… yea… okay, the others worked, but they can’t ALL work.

I used the Clarity, Endo-Flex and Valor first thing in the morning  around my face/neck areas. And WHOAH! lol That was way too much… totally overwhelming. lol But after I started putting them in different spots on my body (that work just as well), it doesn’t bother me to use all three at the same time.

It kind of wakes me up. It’s not AS effective as caffeine (maybe because I need to take so much), but the fact that it doesn’t have any and it helps wake me up, says a lot! Plus, I don’t get jittery if I end up taking too much. lol I was really surprised how awake and clear headed I feel when I use it.

I’ve been using every morning for a few days now… and I can TELL it’s working. When I’m on my thyroid meds, I get hungry. Because my metabolism is working. Being off my meds for over a year now, I completely forgot how that hungry feeling when my thyroid and metabolism is working… and after two days, I started having that hungry feeling again. It’s insane!!

And even after all those times that those oils have helped… I was still surprised when I used the Valor and Vetiver on Tyler.
He was BOUNCING off the walls because he was bored. Singing the songs on his VERY loud tablet. Finally I gave him his head phones to help my migraine from getting worse… but HE was still loud. As a ditch effort I used the two oils together and about 5-10 minutes later… he just kind of sat down on the couch and was QUIET for 30-45 minutes… then he came out, asked for a drink, and went back in and hung out in his swing. :O WHAT?! I’m looking at him like… what just happened?!?! lol No freaking WAY did those just help him calm down. I didn’t get a chance to see how they work with him going to school, which is why we are -primarily- using them with Ty. To help with his meltdowns at school… to help keep him calm and focused throughout the day. But he’s been sick this week and hasn’t gone to school. So, I’m excited to see how well it helps with him there when he needs it most.

I get how this stuff works, but I really don’t. I just cannot grasp the concept of how these oils work, but I don’t need to REALLY understand something in order to know how much they’re helping out family. (I KIND OF know how a car works, what the parts do… but I don’t REALLY know… but that doesn’t mean I’m not thankful for having one that works lol)

I’m REALLY looking forward to buying some from her and finding new great ways to use them with my family and around the house. Justin has Type 1 Diabetes and theres an oil to help with that!! Or for the boys Dad. He was in a VERY bad car accident almost two years ago (he broke almost everything on his right side) and there are oils that will help him with his pain! 😀

I’m really super sensitive to smells… I don’t use candles and I don’t wear perfume, and I’m surprised how much these don’t bother me. If one does seem to bother me, I just make sure to use it in an area farther away from my face and wash my hands afterwards.

Justin, Tyler and Jax all have sensory issues and none of them seem bothered by the smells either. 🙂

If you’ve made it this far lol I’ve found some pictures online of some of the oils Young Living offers and what they help with to see if there might be an oil that could help you or your family. And hey… don’t knock it until you try it. 😉 (I know there are a lot of pictures, but I’m a more visual person, and I know I’m not the only one! lol) 😀

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Dear Mom


I wanted to let you know that autism isn’t because of bad parenting.

We’ve had a lot of ups and downs in our relationship. We’ve said a lot of mean things to each other.

But using Autism as an insult isn’t cool. I saw those comments on Facebook about my parenting, after we moved 2,000 miles away.

The ones where you said that my kids don’t even have Autism… I’m using it as an excuse for lazy parenting. Or if they do, it’s because I let them watch too much TV or it’s a result of being a bad mother. Along with a few other things you were saying to my now Ex-childhood best friend, who also doesn’t care to understand my kids with Autism.

I believe Autism is genetic. Thanks to the boys diagnosis, taking tests online, and talking to other women on the spectrum, I’ve come to identify as Autistic (and pray someday to get an official DX). Then, after I allowed my resentment towards you to diminish… I started seeing the traits in you. Which may be part of the reason we constantly bumped heads. Neither of us communicates well.

I see those pictures of you with your “other” grandson. The “normal” one… Who talks… Who eats what you eat, who knows what you’re saying, who plays with toys appropriately.

I feel bad for you. That you chose not to get to know and understand your three amazing (biological) grandchildren. They might take longer to “figure out”, but once you do… The love and excitement flowing from them is amazing and contagious.

But the reason I’m here today is to tell you… And hope you understand or try to; is that Autism, is NOT caused by bad parenting. It is NOT caused by watching too much TV, and there was nothing I could have done to prevent it. They are not just bad kids who need more discipline. These are a few things in the Autism Community that we have to fight against constantly… Being judged and looked down upon because our kids are different.

What you may see as bad parenting, isn’t bad… It’s different. Because my boys are different and need a different way of learning. Like so many other people out there, you’re unwelcoming to different. You think, it’s different so there must be something wrong.

My boys don’t learn from reading books, or flash cards… No matter how hard I tried. Once I let go of that “normal” way of teaching, Tyler started talking and Justin started understanding more.

My children are happy, they’re thriving, they’re growing and progressing…

And honestly, with all the research I’m constantly doing, IEP meetings, therapies, etc… If I wanted to be a lazy parent, I wouldn’t have picked Autism to blame it on.

-Your Daughter

Toys and appropriate play


“When I try to play with my daughter or help her understand what toys are she squeals and starts biting my hands. I just want to help her play like other kids, but she just doesn’t know what to do and won’t let me help her.”

Justin and Tyler are still like that at almost 6 and 7 (and now even Jax at 13 months is like that)… but once I stopped… I realized they are perfectly happy playing completely different than the way other kids play.

It still breaks my heart when they either way to play with other kids or kids want to play with them and there’s just this … barrier…

But generally… they’re happy. I’m less stressed out and sad… and so are they. I’m not saying stop trying… because who knows- someday something might click. But don’t let it eat at you. Our kids are different… so their play is different. And it doesn’t make it wrong. Just… different. 🙂 And that’s okay. ❤ ❤

InYard Jumbo Swing Review


InYard Swing Review
(To read JUST the review and not the story of how we set it up and the kids reactions… skip to the bottom).
Also, the owner of the company just told me that the promo code for an additional 15% off is still able to be used! Promo Code: mycrazypeople

This swing setup has been an adventure to say the least!! lol

We’ve never installed anything like this before, nor have the kids ever had anything like this before. The closest thing we came to, was a swing in the boys classroom a few years ago, but it was a board bottom, not a cocoon/hammock kind.

The point is! We were out of our depth!

As of right now, the instructions that come with the swing are for people in concrete ceilings, or if you want to use it over a tree limb. The owner of the company IS going to add instructions for ceilings that are… drywall? With wooden beams above them? Sorry… again – out of my depth. Not sure exactly what it’s called.

So, when I looked at it, I’m like, pffft I got this! I can even do it on my own! I don’t need the boy’s Dad to help. But the more I looked into it and the more I read and the more I talked to people… I realized, with the ceiling I have, that was NOT an option. the kids would pull the whole ceiling down with them.

I talked to their Dad and he agreed. We have to install the swing into a beam in the ceiling. So now we needed a drill, drill bits that drill holes, and a stud finder. Which, we didn’t have. We never REALLY needed them, and if it’s not a necessity… we didn’t really buy it, because the boys needed so much. Thankfully we’re a little better off financially now. So, we got everything we needed. We even found a great video on youtube to explain exactly what you need to do. (You can check it out here if you’re interested.)

11655401_473763942789816_954056908_n 11655097_473763939456483_333605859_n

Excitedly we start looking for a beam. Mark it off where it says it’s at… and drill. Right. Through. The Ceiling… and hit… nothing. What?! It says it’s right there! So we try it again a little further over…. mark it off… dril. Nothing. This is not good. We were hesitant to even drill ONE hole, and at this point we’re now going to have to make at least three (the two we made and the one we need). So we stop and decide we’re going to have to get a better stud finder. Guess we shouldn’t have gotten the cheap $6 one! :/

I wasn’t excited about that, so I tried two more times by myself (because I’m stubborn lol) and made two more lovely little holes and got nothing in return but ceiling bits in my eye.

The next day we tried the new stud finder. More expensive, tells you exactly where to drill AND if there’s electrical stuff that you’ll drill into (which obviously would be BAD lol …hadn’t thought of that). Find one, mark it, DRILL. Nothing. What is happening?!?! How are there no beams in our ceiling?! lol Who keep moving them?! So that’s hole #5! Move farther over… find it. Mark it. Drill. NOTHING! #6 He gives up, I’m stubborn, drill THREE more holes… nothing. Nine holes with nothing to show for it. (Should be fun trying to find them all again later when we fill them in with plaster)

We’re contemplating giving up and buying a stand of some sort when we make one last ditch effort, because I’m in tears. lol (Easily upset – yes, I know…) Their Dad takes a hammer, taps around and in 3 seconds find a beam. lol YEP! The hammer we ALREADY had took 3 seconds to find what we were looking for. Drill. And we hit the beam! FINALLY! Put in the eye bolt, and we’re done!


So, I get the swing, we figure out how far down it needs to be in order for the kids to be able to get in it by themselves, tie it off, grab Justin, put him in it and his butt hits the floor! We didn’t realize just HOW MUCH this swing stretches! lol So we grab Ty (who is lighter) and his butt hits the floor too!

11713504_473763952789815_1472646832_nYes… my living room is TRASHED. lol It’s the end of the day… give me a break. 😉

After adjusting we realized that the swing has to be REALLY high up off the floor to counter how much the swing stretches. But if you double it over, they’re higher off the ground (since it doesn’t stretch as much). I got the kids in bed, and decided we’d try and figure everything out the next morning.

We adjusted and finally got it to the right height for the kids. Justin prefers the more swing like “setting”…

and Tyler prefers the more cocoon like “setting”.

lol But MAN do they both absolutely love it. All day one of them was in it. I even got most of the house cleaned because they were happy and entertained. The only downfall is that they can’t get into by themselves. I have to help them every time because they don’t reach or understand the concept of having to pull it down in order to get into it. That and I’m not entirely sure they’d be strong enough to do it. But, as they get older and their understanding is more developed, they won’t need my help.

As much of an inconvenience it is to me, because I have to stop what I’m doing to help them… it is an absolute life saver. In just the couple days we’ve had it up, the house has been SO much calmer. Not completely void of chaos… lol but SO much calmer. If someone is upset, bouncing off the walls, bored, tired…. they go in the swing and makes everything better. The cocoon like way to be in it blocks out a LOT of light… the sitting position allows them to rock themselves or push off to swing. 🙂 They love it!

11714314_473769439455933_1049399741_n 11714554_473769862789224_506764517_n 11667054_473770546122489_1415996136_n

I even doubled the fabric, put a pillow in it, and laid Jax in the swing. 🙂 Obviously I could NEVER leave him unattended, and no where does the company suggest that it’s an option, because it COULD be very dangerous if you’re not paying 100% attention (since he’s much higher off the ground because he doesn’t weigh as much). He started wiggling, so I got him out, put him down and he started screaming his head off! I picked Jax back up, put him in the swing and he was happy as a clam!

11696443_473770189455858_1405531817_n (The flash got him lol)

lol So all three of the boys rate it 5 stars! 😉

The only REAL downside is… that I only have one! lol Justin and Tyler aren’t GREAT at sharing, but they’re getting better at it. 😉

… that and in the middle of the night, out of the corner of your eye… it looks like someone is standing in your living room!!! lol

To see videos of us using the swing, click here.
(Sorry in advance for the classical music instead of the giggles. I’m still figuring out how to edit and merge videos, and the app that I used made the background noise this horrible static/clicking noise and I needed to put something over it…)

My overall review:
As a fun swing for kids to play in conveniently and easy for them to use completely on their own… I’d say a 1-5 out of 10 depending on their age and understanding (also take into account this is probably for much taller kids, but mine are big for their age so we had to get the jumbo one. The regular sized one probably wouldn’t stretch as much and could be much lower to the ground).

As a therapy swing to help kids in general… I’d say at least an 8-10 our of 10!

And overall reaction from the KIDS… definitely a 10 out of 10. 🙂

As a therapy swing, I HIGHLY recommend the InYard swings.
You can check out their website here, and their facebook page here.

Don’t forget to use the Promo Code: mycrazypeople !! 😀

Standing Up For Our Kids -Tshirts


I started my page after I decided I wanted to help others out there who were like me, who felt alone in their Autism Journey with their kids. Like they had no one they could relate to, no one who could really understand what they were going through. Having kids on the spectrum can be very isolating. So even if there are kids similar to yours or in a situation similar, you’d probably have a hard time finding one another.

After a year of having my page, there are over 4,000 people who follow my page! It’s truly amazing and a gift to be able to hear so many people say “thank you for showing me I’m not alone” or “I thought I was the only one”. Not only by the stories I tell, but also by the comments and stories of others who follow my page who can relate!

These shirts will be (hopefully) one of many different campaigns I plan to do. To help raise money for not only my kids, but to also find new and useful things that I can give away on my page to help other parents! 😀

Lastly, this shirt in particular, is going to help raise awareness for not only Autism, but those on the spectrum who can’t explain or verbally express their wants and needs.

So, as parents, we are their voice and will be for as long as we need to be.
We will NEVER stop fighting for our kids!!

(Feel free to share with others who might be interseted! Avaliable for 2 weeks!)



Tyler doesn’t like finishing things.

He will drink his sippy until it’s half full and then ask for more. Same goes with food, if I give him crackers, he’ll eat half of them and then won’t touch the rest. If he’s still hungry, he’ll ask me for more, but not finish the half he already has. lol

It’s frustrating sometimes. So, we’ve learned to just refill what he has so we’re not really wasting… and we always encourage him to eat or drink the rest of what he has. Some days it’s not much of a fight… other days he gets so overwhelmed and upset it ends in a a frustration outburst.

It’s easy for us to just get angry when kids do things or don’t do things… because WE think that they’re just being kids and need to listen to us. But I know people who don’t drink the last few sips of their drinks because they think that it’s just backwash. Or people who won’t drink liquids that have no screw top and aren’t see through (something could have crawled into it and you’d never know). Everyone has their quirks… some seem absolutely ridiculous to people, where the people who believe them, believe them wholeheartedly.

Always try to choose your battles.
Is THIS really “the hill you want to die on”?

Food Issues Comment


The person who commented on this picture took their comment down which then also deleted mine… so I had to paraphrase the best I could. But, I think it’s important for people to understand, so I’m taking the time to rewrite and add on a bit to my responce since I’m making it into a blog. 🙂

(Not exactly word for word… but I did my best to remember everything)
Thank GOD my daughter isn’t like that. I never bought into all that crap. My daughter eats what is put in front of her. I’m sure she’d only eat one thing too if I only let her eat the things she wants to eat. It’s not good for them! If they don’t want to eat it now, wait. They’ll eat it when they get hungry. And a nutritionist I talked to agreed with me!

You know… I used to think that way too. That’s how I was raised. I wasn’t allowed to leave the table until I finished my plate, and if I didn’t, I wasn’t allowed to eat anything for the rest of the night. If it was something I just wasn’t going to eat, I’d sit there for hours. I’d TRY to eat it… but I just… couldn’t.

I even tried to apply this to my kids before I found out they were Autistic and had Texture issues/Food Aversions. I wouldn’t keep anything in the house that was bad for the kids (and if I did, they were hidden and ONLY every once and a while. Like gummies once a week)… before they regressed they pretty much ate everything and anything. I can remember back when Tyler was about a year old eating a sub with lettuce and tomatoes on it (torn apart of course, but he’d eat everything). Pasta, avocado, all kinds of fruits and veggies… Justin ate pretty much the same stuff minus the avocado. lol It actually makes me sad thinking about it. But then they regressed. They didn’t stop eating everything right off the bat. It was like they got tired of eating it, so I figured, ‘no big deal… they need a break from it, we’ll do it again next week…’. Only next week they didn’t want it either (or they would only eat a little bit of it)… and then the following week they wouldn’t eat it until I realized they just weren’t eating it at all any more. And slowly… most of the foods they loved started becoming foods they wouldn’t even try anymore without a screaming/wrestling match. I tried the “you’re not getting up until you eat” or “you’re not eating anything else until you eat this… when you’re hungry an hour from now, I’ll heat this back up and you can eat it then”… But it never worked. Knowing what I know now, I feel bad that I pushed them like that.

Every once and a while… holding them still and getting even just a small bite in their mouth to remind them that they liked it worked, but not often. Usually they would start gagging and spitting it out like it was the worst thing they’ve ever tasted.

Jax (their little brother) on the other hand started off with texture issues/food aversions. He’s NEVER wanted to eat fruits and veggies… pasta… He’ll eat some fruits/veggies if they’re purred, but he also has some other issues we’re trying to figure out.

It wasn’t until I started learning about my kids food issues that I really started to understand mine. My Mom would get SO ANGRY with me for not eating. Back then everything was just… gross. Everything smelled gross, looked gross… I was a lot like Justin. I would eat some things, but I had a very limited interest (and my Mom loved cooking with onions and peppers). I got picked on a LOT for being a picky eater. It got worse the older I got. “Why can’t you be more like your brother – see, he’s eating it!” or “stop being such a baby and eat it.” We would go to Red Lobster or somewhere for a special occasion and I’d order chicken fingers. They were safe and I knew I’d eat them. My husband says that I have “little kid taste buds”. I don’t like beer or wine or even most alcohols. I don’t like eating most fruits and veggies… I like most of the flavors of them, but I don’t like the texture. Like I LOVE apples… raw. But I cannot and will not eat an apple pie. I hate the texture of a cooked apple. Then there are some veggies I just can’t bring myself to eat because I recoil just thinking about eating them.

Believe me. I don’t WANT to be like this. I WANT to be able to eat everything and anything. Do you know how much it sucks when you wanted to “grow up” to be a chef, only to realize you can’t because you have to taste the food you’re making? I love to cook… with cool and crazy colors and spices… I love creating. But I can’t eat it. It sucks. I get SO BORED with my food options… but I can only get so creative with the limited choices I have when cooking for myself. I do try new things, but between just not being able to try it, hold it down, or the texture… I end up not liking much. There are a few times where I’ll actually try something new and like it! Those are pretty exciting days, but it’s often discouraging because they’re SO few and far between.

So in ending this blog, since I’m now rewriting it, is in two fold…

1: When you see and read things like the picture at the top, hopefully this will give you a better understanding and you’ll either keep scrolling and hold off on judgment or at least remind you to be thankful you don’t have to worry about all of this.

2: If you ARE raising a kid who has issues with food for one reason or another… to try to be patient. As a Mom of special needs kids with food issues… it’s frustrating. All I want is for them to be happy and healthy and have more than the few options they have right now to eat. Then I have to remind myself, I know what it’s like for them. It’s not their fault… and it’s not fun on that side either.

A special thank you to Autism Odysseys for allowing me to use their picture for my blog! 🙂