GripCase Review


Gripcase USA sent us an iPad mini case to review! 😀


They’re actually really cool cases.
They’re made of a foam type material, it’s extremely light weight and easy to hold onto.

The design and material make it REALLY shock absorbent. It’s even slightly concave so if it gets dropped with the screen face down it doesn’t actually touch the ground.

I had Ty take it to school- he looked at it like “Uhhhh what did you do to my tablet”?? Lol since we’ve been using the same type case for 3 years now.

And actually the second day he took it out of the case, handed it to me and then handed me his old case. Lol !!!

That’s actually the only “bad” thing I can say about this case, is that although it IS easy to get the tablet in the case, it’s actually pretty easy to get back out.

So if your kid is determined enough, they’ll get it out (so I wouldn’t let them see you put it in or take it out of the case). I think the company should make the sides that keep the iPad in the case a little wider to make it harder to get out. But I get it, you don’t want to make it so hard you damage the iPad getting it back out! Lol

I threw it on the bed a few times, dropped it on the floor and even threw it at the couch pretty hard and it never popped out of the case, so it’s not going to just fall out. Lol

Considering, it’s a pretty cool case!!! 😀
If you’d like to check out their page, click here.  😀

#Autism #iPad #GripCase


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