Beginning our journey with PEC cards




So, way before I learned about PEC (picture exchange communication) cards, I used to print out and laminate characters from the boys favorite shows and movies (to stop them from destroying our DVDs).

Then we decided to try PEC cards, but Tyler would get violent and angry because he didn’t understand why I would take them back (exchange the card for item) and not let him keep them (like his others).

He was a lot younger and didn’t have the understanding he has now.

We’ve tried a few times in the past, tried AAC apps or PEC apps on our tablets, but the kids knew that they could just back out if it and watch their movies. And if I tried to lock it onto that screen -more screaming Bc they didn’t understand why I wasn’t allowing them to do what they’ve always done with their tablets. So we decided we needed to get an AAC device, where it’s sole function was to help communicate. Then we found out how much they are and how hard it is to get them.

After another year that’s gone by, it’s been about a year since I’ve printed out and “friends” for Ty, and he’s actually collecting pictures of his characters by asking me to take screen shots when he pauses his movies. Then looks through them in the gallery. Lol

The teachers at school are using PEC cards to help them transition and to see what’s happening next… But because Tyler is still technically nonverbal, he’s having meltdowns at school due to communication issues.

He might have to be moved to another class where he won’t be so much of a danger to other kids (because he isn’t aware of who he might hurt when he’s having one).

But he loves his class and is doing amazing things like freaking division!

SO!!! I decided to try PEC cards here at the house to reinforce what he’s already learning at school and pray it helps him catch on quicker and use these cards to communicate instead of getting increasingly frustrated and ending up in a meltdown.

His teacher is working on a schedule for me like they use in school, and I started printing out some random things he eats or can ask for here at the house.

I’m also using them with Justin. Lol I brought him over to the fridge and asked him “which one” which is a cue phrase he understands. And instead of taking it off the fridge and handing it to me, he pushes on it like he would it if we’re a tablet. Lol πŸ˜€ (More of a reason I believe an AAC device will be great with him once we can be approved for one).

So here our journey with PEC cards begin! πŸ™‚
SO far, Ty HAS tried to take off with the cards, BUT…. He was okay with giving them back and putting them where they belong. πŸ™‚ he likes going over and looking at them all. Lol

A special shout out to Dancing with Autism! She sent me the templates for the PEC cards. πŸ™‚



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