Light Bulb Moment


I’ve been going about this #GizmoPal GPS watch completely wrong with Tyler. Which I know is actually kind of surprising, because in general that’s a good way to get any child used to wearing something (and it’s working for Justin). A little bit each day until they work up to the point where they’re comfortable wearing it.

And at first I was a little ashamed that I hadn’t thought of it sooner, however I hadn’t actually had to think about it for at least four to five years. So, I’m giving myself a little bit of leeway. 😉

I need to teach him to wear the watch the way that I taught him that he needs to wear shoes!! I keep putting this watch on him while he’s still in the house. He’s never going to wear this watch in the house!! He’s going to wear this watch when he leaves the house.

So the way that I taught him to wear his shoes is that he couldn’t leave the house until he was wearing them. I would even have everyone stand outside waiting for Tyler, and he would be just inside the door screaming bloody murder. But after a few minutes he would comply and allow me to put on his shoes and then he could leave. He usually took them off by the time we were all in the truck, but still he knew that he had to put the shoes on in order to get out of the house. And he really only reacted that way about twice. We still had to struggle to get him to wear his shoes or to keep them on, but we didn’t have that much of a reaction each time we needed to leave.

So as much as I hate the hot weather in this ridiculously hot and humid area of the United States. I’m going to start taking walks with the boys (hopefully) everyday to teach him that he cannot leave the house unless he is wearing his watch. Just like we did with the shoes. And he will have to wear the watch the entire time we’re outside (we walk around the block twice and takes about half an hour). It’s going to be a huge pain in the butt… But I’m really really hoping that it’ll click a lot sooner and a lot easier because he’s older and he understands more than he did when he first regressed about 4-5 years ago. Plus, they love taking walks. 🙂

So wish me luck! I’m going to try it for the first time today. 🙂 I’m sure I’ll have pictures and more to report later. But assuming this works the way that it did with his shoes, it’ll work better than the way that I’m doing it now.

If you think about it he’s a very logical little kid. He doesn’t wear shoes or clothes inside but he has to wear them outside. And that’s really the only time he ever keeps them on too. Lol so… I have high hopes! 🙂

And Justin, well he loves it. Lol So, nothing new to report there. 😉



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