Hand over hand learning


I’ve almost got Tyler to use sign language for “Help” when he wants me to take a screenshot of something on this tablet!!!

This will be the first successful sign he’s used since before he regressed.

Even though he CAN do it physically, it seems like it’s a mental block that he can’t put the motions together in order to create a sign.

So I take his hands and do the sign, then after a while I take his wrists to help do the sign, then I use his forearms, then his elbows and then his upper arms… (From me having most of the control to me just there as a form of support) then eventually, he won’t need me to help him at all.

It’s actually how I got him to do most of the things that he can do. (Like putting counting cookies in the counting jar.)

It’s also the way that Jax seems to be learning. šŸ™‚


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