Standing Up For Our Kids -Tshirts


I started my page after I decided I wanted to help others out there who were like me, who felt alone in their Autism Journey with their kids. Like they had no one they could relate to, no one who could really understand what they were going through. Having kids on the spectrum can be very isolating. So even if there are kids similar to yours or in a situation similar, you’d probably have a hard time finding one another.

After a year of having my page, there are over 4,000 people who follow my page! It’s truly amazing and a gift to be able to hear so many people say “thank you for showing me I’m not alone” or “I thought I was the only one”. Not only by the stories I tell, but also by the comments and stories of others who follow my page who can relate!

These shirts will be (hopefully) one of many different campaigns I plan to do. To help raise money for not only my kids, but to also find new and useful things that I can give away on my page to help other parents! 😀

Lastly, this shirt in particular, is going to help raise awareness for not only Autism, but those on the spectrum who can’t explain or verbally express their wants and needs.

So, as parents, we are their voice and will be for as long as we need to be.
We will NEVER stop fighting for our kids!!

(Feel free to share with others who might be interseted! Avaliable for 2 weeks!)


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