Digital DVD’s are Autism Kid Friendly


Over the last 4 years we’ve slowly been building up our Digital DVD/TV Show collection after our DVDs would get scratched, lost or broken. The boys loved collecting and lining up their DVD’s and would do just about anything to get to them so they could keep playing with them. We would buy their favorites over and over and try to hide them better or higher up… but eventually, they’d find them. lol

Now we have movies on iTunes and Amazon Prime that we bought (plus with Prime you have access to free movies and tv shows), we have Netflix, and we also use… you can take your movies to Walmart in the photo department, and then for about $3 convert your DVD into a digital copy that will be on your vudu account!

That’s actually how we started this whole digital thing – we would take our scratched movies to Walmart and have them put them on our account – we figured it was cheaper than buying the movies ALL over again… until we realized a lot of the movie’s our kids liked weren’t on the list (they have a list of movies that they have that can be converted). I’m sure by now that list has gotten a LOT bigger since we started doing it.

But iTunes and Amazon Prime are our favorite.
iTunes you can search through the titles in each movie to see where you want it to start or what part you want to watch (since you know… our kids don’t actually like watching movies from beginning to end! lol) but we like Amazon Prime because you pay once a year and then get to have a bunch of movies and shows you can watch for free – where iTunes is only the stuff you’ve already bought. So Amazon is like iTunes and Netflix in one (just not AS many titles as netflix lol).

Lastly we also use KidsTube! We used to allow Tyler to watch videos on youtube… which we switched to KidsTube after some of the really creepy videos of his favorite shows came up when we searched for them… or ones with bad language showed up. Sure… some of them were funny, but sooooo not kid appropriate! But thankfully they made the app KidsTube with parental control too! Tyler LOVES all the learning videos! 😀


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