Tyler doesn’t like finishing things.

He will drink his sippy until it’s half full and then ask for more. Same goes with food, if I give him crackers, he’ll eat half of them and then won’t touch the rest. If he’s still hungry, he’ll ask me for more, but not finish the half he already has. lol

It’s frustrating sometimes. So, we’ve learned to just refill what he has so we’re not really wasting… and we always encourage him to eat or drink the rest of what he has. Some days it’s not much of a fight… other days he gets so overwhelmed and upset it ends in a a frustration outburst.

It’s easy for us to just get angry when kids do things or don’t do things… because WE think that they’re just being kids and need to listen to us. But I know people who don’t drink the last few sips of their drinks because they think that it’s just backwash. Or people who won’t drink liquids that have no screw top and aren’t see through (something could have crawled into it and you’d never know). Everyone has their quirks… some seem absolutely ridiculous to people, where the people who believe them, believe them wholeheartedly.

Always try to choose your battles.
Is THIS really “the hill you want to die on”?


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