Independence because an iPad.


Justin’s lack of understanding and complete lack of verbal skills makes it really hard for Justin to be able to do things on his own and be independent. Sometimes that makes him get really upset, which hey – it’d make me angry too if I couldn’t explain to someone what I wanted or what I was thinking. It’s frustrating for me not to be able to tell him that there are really bad mosquitoes outside and that’s why he can’t play outside rather than him thinking I’m just being a mean Mom.

But all of that is partially the reason we allow Justin to have an iPad for a lot longer than we did before. It’s one thing that he’s really been learning how to use by himself. He doesn’t need a lot of assistance with (he USED to need help every three seconds when he’d bump the screen and pause the movie or something)…. but over the past few years, he’s REALLY learned a lot. We’re hoping that all the skills he’s learning now will help him once we’re able to afford (and he’s ready to use) and AAC device to help him to communicate.

Another thing we’re really excited about recently with Justin is he’s starting to watch and explore new movies and TV shows. For the last 5-ish years, Justin would ONLY watch the movies and shows he was watching around the time he regressed. So anything he hadn’t already seen and liked at that time, he would scream bloody murder until we turned it off. But now, he’s watching different shows, different movies…. thanks to Amazon Prime. We started using iTunes once we realized we were paying a LOT to replace movies that would get damaged… and with iTunes, Justin could look at the pictures in the titles menu and see where he wanted to put his movie to start… where Amazon he couldn’t. So, it wasn’t until the last 2-3 months that Amazon has become more interesting for him. He can use it to rewind 10 seconds or fast forward 10 seconds. And for parents with kids on the spectrum, you know how much they love their favorite parts of shows and movies. So that feature is a major love for Justin! lol

But unlike iTunes, Amazon Prime (with the membership – about $100 a year), Justin can check out free shows and movies. It’s kind of like Netflix or Hulu Plus. (Tyler likes Netflix but Justin has a harder time understanding how to make it work)

So thank you Apple, iTunes and Amazon Prime for helping my Non-verbal son learn to become more independent. 🙂 ❤ Because there really are very few things that make him THIS happy. 🙂

Click here to see the video of Justin associated with this blog post.


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