Smart 911


I recently signed up our family with Smart 911.
It’s a free Safety Profile that provides additional information to supported 9-1-1 centers and first responders.
So, if you ever need to call 911, they’ll already have details like: pictures of your family, the fact your child might be on the spectrum and can’t communicate, who might wander away from a wreck, or who might hide and scream if a firefighter comes in and tries to get them out… or if they’re on life sustaining medicine. They’ll have that incredibly important information; because you might not always be able to explain that to them.

We never REALLY thought about it until we took an Autism Risk and Saftey Management seminar with Dennis Debbaudt. After it was over, we started getting things set up so we would be prepared for times where we might not be able to communicate for our kids in emergency situations.

No one EVER wants to think about being in a situation where we can’t help our kids. That’s our job as parents, to protect our children. But what if you couldn’t?

What if you’re driving back from a therapy session, singing along to your child’s favorite song for the hundredth time today. The sun is shining. It’s a good day. No one had a meltdown, traffic wasn’t too bad. You even had time to stop and get coffee as a treat to yourself. Smiling at your amazing child in the rear view mirror, you look back at the road as you enter the intersection. You look to your right and realize the car isn’t going to stop at the red light. In that brief second… you KNOW you’re going to get hit. They’re coming way too fast. Even if they slammed on their breaks, they’re going to hit you… and your child. Your beautiful, amazing child, who can’t talk and needs you… needs you to translate, to protect them… to be there… and you’re about to get hit.

Some how you’re awake after the car hits you. Everything is loud. Your child is screaming. You try to comfort them from the front seat. Everything is getting fuzzy and there’s a ringing in your ears. You can’t focus. Looking around, people are on their phones but the ambulance isn’t there yet. You try to unbuckle your seatbelt, and turn to get to your child who is still screaming… then everything goes black.

When the police, fire department and ambulance shows up… and you can’t explain to them what’s going on, why your child is SO upset, why they’re not listening, why as soon as they get your child out of the car that they’re going to bolt… how if they just give them their head phones it won’t be SO bad… Or that their inhaler or insulin is in your purse… you’d want the emergency personel to have that information, wouldn’t you?

No one WANTS to think things like this could happen… but they do. Every single day. Something similar happened to my husband a year and a half ago. Thankfully he was the only one in the car, but our kids very easily could have been… read our story here.

Take a second, and sign up for Smart 911 here.

And lastly, here’s a piece of paper that you can fill out and keep in your car with information about your child that you can check out here.

Keep your family safe and be prepared. ❤ 


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