Soap Box


Here is a response to a meme I made that says “You might be an Autism Parent if…” and what I wrote back.

“Yeah I don’t like anything that uses the phrase “autism parent”. Tends to be anti autism rhetoric in the form of worshiping those who have autistic kids.

Which is dangerous because it doesn’t make a parent more dedicated or understanding or patient or whatever else. We (young autistic people) are at increased risk for abuse and even being killed by our parents who are put on pedi stools just because they have kids who aren’t NT.

So yeah.

I’m Autistic and have two Autistic kids and a baby…

I’m not putting myself on a pedestal … I’m helping others in similar situations be able to relate.
I’m also allowing others who don’t have kids on the spectrum to see and possibly understand what it’s like to have kids on the spectrum or what it’s like for the kids on the spectrum.
I also don’t like to wear pants. lol
But if we don’t speak up and show people what it’s like, even just the silly things like not wearing pants… people don’t get it and don’t understand. They shame us. They look at us in disgust because we can’t “control our kids”. The way I see it, every post, every picture, every meme I make that gets passed around, that has anything to do with Autism… helps make our lives better.
Because somewhere out there, there are people who are learning. People who are slowing starting to understand. People who are curious and reach out to learn more.
And also… people who might help others in situations where they are beyond stressed out and need help. People who might be more at risk to do something like hurt their children or worse. In NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM am I saying it’s okay to hurt our kids… BUT… I know personally what it’s like to have no help… to have no one when days get rough… to be depressed… and the days that I go to the store and my kids are upset and people look at me like I’m the worst person alive… having that ONE PERSON who sees me, smiles or asks if there is anything they can do BECAUSE they understand… those days aren’t as bad. And I’d like to think that in a very small way, I’m contributing to that.
Besides. I don’t want ignorant people looking down on me or my kids. So whether my memes/pictures/posts either help those who feel completely alone and need that little extra support, or make light of a possibly frustrating situation… or help others understand a little bit… I’m going to do it. And as a HFA with Autistic kids… I get to call myself whatever I want. And Autism Parent… or Autism Mom is my choice.
So…. yeah.
#Soapbox lol

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway…. hope you’re having a good day. 😛 🙂


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