Potty Water Face


I just got potty water… on. my. face. lol

So… what had happened was…

I decided to leave the bathroom door open… hoping to encourage Justin to poo in the potty.

Well, he went in and a few minutes later I peaked around the corner. There he was with his diaper down holding the TP. lol Hmmmm….

Well, I knew he wanted the toilet paper roll, so I twisted it out from the center of the roll, had him sit down on the potty and went to the kitchen to clean up. Thinking he’ll be happy… he’s got his movie, his roll and hopefully that will keep him entertained long enough until he poops… and we can have a successful poo story for Justin.

A minute or two later… it dawned on me… he’s sitting on the potty………. with a dry toilet paper tube…. there’s WATER under him!!!!!

I ran to the bathroom and what did I find?


With his TP roll and hand in the potty water.

He looks up at me with a grin on his face like:
“Thanks Mom! You’re the BEST!”

Yep… Mommy should have called that one sooner.

So I get him off the potty, and realize there IS SOME poo in the potty!

I tell him
“GOOD JOB Justin!!!! High Fives!!!”


Yep….. there was still potty water on his hands….. and now it’s on my face.

I have then since bleached my face (a few times) lol jk I did scrub it for about 10 minutes… And he’s had his bath…

And all is well with the world again.

Justin kind of pooped in the potty… and I’ve learned not to leave him unattended again.


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