Regression doesn’t keep me from Celebrating


Justin (6) and Tyler (5) both have Severe/Regressive Autism. Because we never know what could set them back or make them “regress”… regression can happen at any time. No matter how far we’ve come.

Sometimes we don’t even know WHEN it happens and other times it’s pretty obvious! Example: They slowly stop eating one of their favorite foods until they just don’t want it any more (for about 6 months to a year)… OR When, after MONTHS go by… one of them poops on the floor and smears it all over the walls. << THAT regression, we notice… right away.

Sometimes they’re major setbacks and sometimes they’re minor. Either way, it’s hard to take. Especially when we’ve worked SO hard to get them to that certain point, and all that work is gone.

BUT… that doesn’t keep us from celebrating the milestones. If anything, we celebrate them more, because we don’t know how long they’ll keep them.

When they were toddlers, we took everything for granted. I mean sure, we got really excited when they had all their firsts, but shortly after they did them, we were looking forward to their next milestone.
We didn’t know that we wouldn’t hear either of them say Momma or Dadda until YEARS later (they still don’t know that I’m Mom and Tom is Dad)… We didn’t know that the Vegetables, Fruits… and other things they WERE eating… they wouldn’t eat again for a long time or maybe not at all. That smile… or the eye contact we were given so freely… would be harder to get.

So now, we take NOTHING for granted. Every small little milestone gets praise and continue to gets praise!

Because who knows how long they’ll have it for.


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