Our not so perfect Christmas Ornaments.


I used to get really sad and depressed when the boys first got diagnosed or before.

I didn’t have an Autism facebook community… I didn’t even know they existed until at least a year later. I didn’t really have people to explain that the boys WOULD get better… would learn. That this wouldn’t always be like this. Or have other success stories to look up to.

I love crafts and teaching, so naturally I was so excited when I became a mom. I would think of all the cute and fun things we would do together or all the creative ways I could teach them… so when the boys regressed and had no interest in crafts, coloring or learning or doing anything really… it hurt.
“What am I supposed to do with my kids? All they want to do is walk on the road and be alone.”

Every time I tried, everyone would get stressed out and upset (which would last all day)… I’d get angry and depressed because I couldn’t do “normal” things with my kids… and even more upset because I had foolishly talked myself into thinking it would go over well…
“THIS time it’ll work!”

It never did.


We are FINALLY to the point (3 years later) that we can start doing crafts or small parts in cooking/baking! It’s incredibly exciting!!

I decided we would make homemade ornaments for Christmas gifts this year!! Salt dough ornaments?! Cheap, easy and the kids can help!!! SCORE!!!

The boys actually did really well “helping”. Tyler was more interested than Justin was (which is usually the case)… Tyler’s my little helper and Justin’s my little wanderer.

IMG_0706IMG_0716 IMG_0715
They turned out GREAT! Until I put them in the oven. Then they didn’t turn out quite like I thought they were going to… IE: They’re burnt. lol And the ones we are letting air dry might be dry by Christmas… of 2015. 😉


Sooooo we might need to go to plan B as far as Christmas “gifts”. lol

I’m just so happy that we finally get to do things like this. 🙂 Before I had kids with Autism, I would have never imagined something as simple as helping to make ornaments, be such a big deal.

But for us, it is a VERY big deal!


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