How we got them to stop playing with their POO


I’ve had a few people ask me what I do to keep the kids from pooping and getting it everywhere when I put them to bed at night.

I’ll tell you what we do now then I’ll explain how our process of elimination happened. 🙂

So we take zip up PJ’s, put them on them and pinch the neck together on the sides so they can’t pull their arms out. (Obviously it can’t be too tight. We don’t want them to get hurt). Then mark it with a marker.

Take them off and sew the sides.

Then when we put them on them at bed time we also sew the zipper down so they can’t just unzipper them and get out.

Believe me, it would be so much easier if they were potty trained or even understood us when we said “yuck! We don’t play with our poo!” Lol

But unfortunately, that’s not where we are right now.

So, this is what has worked for us!

😀 Hope this has helped!!

Okay! So now for what we’ve tried that just… didn’t work for us!! lol

So, it started with Justin. He likes to take off his diaper, poo and play with it… wipe it all over the walls. So when he started doing that first instinct – okay! It’s time to start learning how to use the potty…. after about 2 days of getting on the potty every half an hour or so… with him just wanting to play in the toilet water, screaming because he didn’t want to sit there or screaming because he thought he was going to take a bath, I finally gave up. Every couple of months or so we try again just to make sure they aren’t ready yet.

After he kept doing it still… our next thought was -okay. It’s sensory. He’s obviously not getting that sensory play that he’s lacking and is playing with his poo instead.
So I got every sensory thing that was similar to poo that I could find. After a couple days of some very messy sensory and many baths later…. he was still playing with his poo.

Now, after a week or two of having to clean up poo off the walls…. you start getting desperate! lol Some days I wouldn’t even lay them down for naps and I would set an alarm so that I would wake up before them and I wouldn’t lay them down at night until they were asleep…. but there were still nights Justin would wake up in the middle of the night and play with his poo. I’d go in to wake him up and he’s covered in DRY poo and so are the walls… It’s a lot harder to clean once it’s dried on!!!! lol

After we tried all that, I decided I needed to do something with his clothes to help him keep his diaper on.

I tried sewing buttons onto really long shirts at the bottom – like a onezie! NOPE!! He yanked hard on that shirt until he came off… So then I tried snaps instead of buttons. Then he reached up into his diaper and got the poo!! lol So then I put pants on him first, then buttoned the shirt!!!! I was like – yea! ha! I win!!! NOPE!!!! Same thing, he would reach up his pant legs and get to his poo….

I was running out of options!!

Then I decided to turn the heat down at night a bit, and put him in footed pajamas! IT WORKED!!!!! For about a week. Then he realized that he can just get out through the neck hole. Finally I sewed the neck hole smaller. Finally I had won in the battle against my almost 3 year old!

Unfortunately, then Tyler started in on the phase. The only difference between Justin and Tyler is Tyler doesn’t really like those textures. Thankfully for him!!! He poops like a rabbit! lol Well when he pooped, he would carry around his little balls of poo and I didn’t notice the first time. Later when I went back in to get his sippy I saw the poo on the floor… cleaned it up and found him carrying a little ball around with him! UGH!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!

So I did the same thing with Tyler. Which worked!!!! For about 3 days. He figured out how to unzip the pjs!

That’s when I started sewing them into their pj’s every night and cutting them out of them every morning.

It’s so much work. I wish I could just put them in bed and get them up and not have to worry about having to clean their rooms. But unfortunately… that’s just not where we are right now.

I’m hoping now that Tyler is starting to mimic, he’ll start picking up on things and understanding things and soon we’ll have him potty trained. Then with Justin, we’re working on getting him an AAC device so we can better communicate. So, I’m hoping that works for him.

Either way, now you know the story of why my kids are either naked or in pjs and how we got them to stop playing with their poo!! lol