Do you think your next baby will be Autistic too?


Baby number 3 is due in 5 days!

As you know from reading my posts, we have two boys with severe autism. Honestly… we didn’t want another baby. We had decided about a month before we found out we were pregnant, that in two years, if the boys were doing better and wouldn’t require as much attention and care that we would adopt a little girl. Actually, we had made the decision that Tom would get a vasectomy around that time also. We didn’t want to risk having another baby and having them have the same challenges as the boys have. It didn’t seem fair of us to do that. Especially when there are so many kids in the world who need good homes to begin with. Tom would have had his appointment about a month after we found out I was expecting. Which, he was in Texas working on finding us a home, so he wouldn’t have made it anyway. I just think it’s so funny how life works sometimes! lol

A lot of people have asked me if I think that the new baby will end up with Autism too. Honestly… for everyone’s sake… I hope not. It’s an added stressor to have a child with Autism. If it wasn’t there wouldn’t be SO many more divorces happening within marriages with children with autism. They tend to be more expensive… and require a lot more time and energy. However!!! If he does… he will be loved NO less than he would be if he were NT. We won’t be mad at God… we won’t curse our lives or throw a pity party. Just like when we found out our first two were autistic… we will be happy to know how to teach them so they will understand and continue to help them grow into the people they’re supposed to be. With love, compassion and a lot of water play! 😉


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